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3dPrintPort, A New Blog for 3D Printing

By on Sep 29, 2013 in General

A couple years ago, I built a RepRap. A Prusa Menel (v2) and, back then.. There were no Makerbots, or all the other fine kits are availabe and and elsewhere.

Since I worked for myself back then, there were these times that money would.. just.. disappear. So, I found myself at one of these times and had to put the 3d printer on the shelf.

But all that changed a few weeks ago after I purchased an MakerFarm 8" Prusa i3 and got back into 3d Printing.

And, this website is dedicated to sharing all the knowledge that I have gathered and found online over the years. So, hopefully I can help someone out there to get into 3D printing.