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Practical 3D Printing

By on Sep 29, 2013 in Projects


To design a simple mount for a 20mm wooden pole that can be removed to add/reorganize filament spools for my 3d printer.

This is one of my first practical printing projects.

First step was to take my couple of measurements for the base of the mount and make a box to that size.

Then, using the magic of Fusion 360, I extruded, added some rounded to dress it up. Exported it as an STL file.

Another cool thing about Fusion 360, you can thread holes and cylinders... Though, I didn't actually print that. I will have to try that very soon.

Then I imported it into Slic3r and exported G-Code based on the profile for my printer and filament.

I then clicked the line item and then clicked the "More" button and it duplicated the imported model. Rotating these models might help your print since (by default) it prints a layer on each instance, and the pattern at how these are printed might yield better results.

Then Imported the GCode into Printrun (pronterface).

Then, after I got the hotbed and extruder hotend to temperature, I hit the print button and proceeded to stare at it for a long while. It's mesmerizing to watch one of these 3d printers print.

You can see the holes that I set for some wood screws that came with the shelf brackets.

And success!

I'm going to set up a section of the this site to explain this whole workflow in more detail. More to come on that..